Tuesday, November 27, 2007

first post is the toughest

but i'm in the library and some kid is SINGING! i don't know if i should leave, sign him or give him a slap (or the librarian for that matter). it's a high school kid hitting on a girl and he's prob from music and art across the street (the fame school), so i'm going to chill. the main thing was to write and that is precisely what is on my mind right now. in many ways, this sitch is very earbender. it includes an educational/intellectual environment, music and me getting irritated at people breaking the rules. i'm also bumming on some guy with a runny nose a few tables away as i just got over the massive cold myself.

so that's what's up it's november 27 at 3:53 about. most of what i'm going to write about will have something to do with the topics mentioned above!

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