Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Earbender Reggae/Radio Refresher

It's all coming together! This is the first post I am making that is connected to an eblast, so if you are visiting via my email, thanks for stopping by. Earbender has been up for a few months and I have made some posts that combine my interests in music, sports, pop culture and politics. Hopefully these are topics that compliment and conspire with the music I am talking about too. It's supposed to be more flavorful than just promoting, and hopefully informative too.

Joseph Israel "Mankind"

Baseball and ethics seem to be the main focus on Cardboard Gods, and I'm proud to tell you they are the first sports page to list a link to earbender. Reflecting out our diverse topics, college radio page "Spinning Indie," political reporter Daniel Patterson on "Creepy Sleepy" and (cough) "Celeb Stoner" all now have a link to this page on theirs.

I wasn't surprised to read in the NY Times that Gitmo inspires art. They just haven't found a way to silence them yet, apparently.

In an age where racism has such dramatic implications, why not get into some reggae which helps bring everyone together? Below are links to a couple of artists I am promoting, Fear Nuttin' and Joseph Israel, and while they have reggae/rasta/roots music in their hearts, they are both trying to take it further.

Fear Nuttin' "Pon di Block" video

Reggae for Children is a good thing

Hear some sweet music from Joseph Israel on Global Hit

For you classic rock fans, here is a great picture of the Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese outside the Berlin premiere of the film "Shine a Light." I heard a few songs from outside the door of the Beacon Theatre, I'm sure it's going to be a good one. Here's a review from the London Times. Almost stole the poster from the Sony Imax too, would have if it was better looking. Did Robbie Conal create it?:

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