Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Want to Believe opens, Willie Nelson on Democracy Now! and KEXP hits NY

Cai Guo-Qiang had the big opening at the Guggenheim last night and it was pretty spectacular. Here's some video to give you a small sample. There were also great gunpowder paintings, the wolves they showed in the newspaper, pigs, snakes, tigers and other thought-provoking images of China, nature, commerce, politics, etc.

Willie Nelson appeared on the 12th Anniversary show of Democracy Now this week. Please click on this link to hear Willie go off in words and song.

KEXP Radio Liberation had its launch party on Thursday night. Kevin Cole told me the project has been two years in the making and as a fan of diversity in music, this is a good thing for New York. Some folks mis-interpreted my comments about WRXP. It's not that I expect them to play James Brown and Run DMC, I just wanted to say that white music for white people is not my bag.

KEXP (mistakenly referred to as "WKEXP" on stage by Antibalas) Radio Liberation brought a youthful and ethnically mixed crowd to their event... has there been a WRXP New York Rock Experience launch party? I assume they will have a street team at the upcoming Springsteen show along with a wrapped van, and I'll be on the lookout. SBR Creative was shaken up by the first wrapped vehicle in adult rock, which I brought to the R&R conference in 2001, so I look forward to seeing what they do. Being "world class" they should use the Smart, but being green isn't part of the yuppie identity here like on the west coast.

Here's a snip of Antibalas from KEXP/Radio Liberation's launch party:

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