Monday, March 17, 2008

Catching Up - SXSW Tuesday

Just off the plane back from Austin, but I haven't posted in 11 days. So I will catch up one day/post at a time.

Arrived and caught the last few notes of the interactive part of SXSW. My old friend Loren Feldman is blowing up w/his site and introduced me to a few of his fellow marketer/blogger/net personalities (a shout out to Stephanie Agresta!) and share some good info and philosophy. It's not politically correct and I don't endorse all the points or opinions on his site! I hear he sparked a good bad debate during one of the interactive panels.

My first chow was Churra's: Migas con queso, no hongoles, but if you were FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER, you would know that by now. Why you would want to know it is another story (for another day).

Caught the Paula Nelson Band (on video below) doing an acoustic set at Antone's. It was only the first day, but things were already in a blur! On the marketing tip, Paula's was not an official SXSW Music show, but part of the Interactive lineup. Note the DELL slide behind the band. Billy Bob Thornton headlined, which I didn't see. I heard he did a set on Monday night at the Hilltop with Rue Coleman and Texas Boogie supporting. Poodie's sold a lot of beer that night!

Here is "Find Your Way Home Again":

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David Parmet said...

Hey John. It was cool meeting you last week. I'm digging the site and agree with you that REM hasn't been REM in years.

Let's catch up sometime - I'm right outside of NY.