Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post-Stubb's R.E.M. Alternative Gold Flash Mob

As mentioned, seeing R.E.M. at a convention is like taking a trip in the Time Tunnel. Except for Bill Berry's retirement that is. Somehow, they really lost their zing when he left. Well, their show attracted a Night Watch of Alternative Rock Journeymen, as portrayed in this photo above. left to right:

Front Row: l to r: Dan Mackta; Jim Merlis, Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan

Back Row: l to r: Peter Standish, Alan Wolmark, Dennis Dennehy, Jim Pitt, Mark Kates, Jo Lenardi

Dennis is jeering me for street teaming for a Red Sox video last summer, I am replying as I take the picture that he's a fat bastard. Literally. It's not that often I call someone that to their face but I must admit that I've gotten a few pounds over my usual weight during the past few months! Probably takes one to know one.

This picture contains some alternative rock royalty from the 90s, folks who helped launch that part of the music business and bring it to its peak around 1995.

The week got considerably better after a good night's sleep and the Embassy breakfast.

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Dan M said...

One great way to get people to check out your blog is to put them on it.
But who is that old guy in the picture that you are saying is me?