Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Usain Bolt hits Beijing hard, Eno/Byrne return has received an unprecedented number of hits over the past few weeks due to the tremendous achievements by Jamaican runners at Beijing combined with the fact that I have written about them a few times.

I am very proud to be a fan of the Jamaican track team! As I said to a friend of mine, "who won the most medals, per capita?" My guess is Jamaica! Congratulations on the achievements of Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shareefa Lloyd, Rosemarie White, Shericka Williams, Nesta Carter, and Melanie Walker (not the one from KCMP).

Here are a few nice links to check out:

The Bangladesh Daily Star thinks Usain Bolt is the hero of the Olympics, not Michael Phelps, and I agree.

Shelly-Ann Fraser credits "Reggae Power" for the team's success.

Daddy Bolt home - Usain Bolt's father talks about Usain's diet as a child ("A quart of cow's milk every morning."

Usain credits "hard work, fast track" for three records

Faster than Fast - Sports Illustrated's profile of Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart.

Why Jamaica Rules at Track - Reason no. 6 - "because Usain Bolt was born there."

Prime Minister Bruce Golding appealed to the country to improve itself in response to its burst of attention, saying "Let us use this moment, this unprecedented display of world-class excellence, this moment of triumph and glory, to unite as a people."

"World's Fastest Country? It's Jamaica, Mon" -- according to the coach, this is the beginning of a dynasty.


Eno and Byrne made the album above available for streaming so I am pleased to help spread the music around. They are a couple of my favorite artists, although I haven't been an active Byrne fan since True Stories and the cover of Time. Little Creatures was a nice comeback to the original four-piece lineup after being in the Fela knock off business, but True Stories and its associated hype turned me off.

Additionally, I played "Psycho Killer" on guitar when I saw David Byrne at Guitar Center once and he ignored it. I should've played "Pulled Up" maybe.

And finally, and I do mean finally, Pervis Jackson RIP: he was the deep voice in the Spinners, who I just saw at the Philly Soul show in Atlantic City. He sang the line "12:45" in "Games People Play." The Juke Joint Soul site had a sweet tribute.

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