Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bud Selig and College Radio

Had to jump on to add a story in reference to the Mitchell Report of Steroid Use by Major League Baseball Players, as Commissioner Bud Selig is now taking questions from the press. This is a big story, years in the making and this is only the second of three press conferences the principals will be holding today to get the story out.

So Selig makes his comments and invites questions from the assembled media. The third question was from Stephanie Stepp, a reporter from WHCR, New York the radio station at Manhattan's City College!!!!!!

It was a long-winded question that mentioned the Glory Days exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York and how present times seem almost the opposite of the 50s for baseball. Stepp then asked about the implications of Barry Bonds' case on his future efforts, to which Selig answered "it would be inappropriate to comment."

But I'm pumped one of our people was in there along with Bill Madden, Selena Roberts and the other regulars. Here's a link to her program "What's Going On," broadcast on Sunday afternoons at 3pm on WHCR.

Way to go Stephanie Stepp!

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