Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lewis Hamilton 2007 earbender sports personality of the year

Lewis Hamilton, the rookie Formula One driver who almost won it all in his first season! As a ten year old, he approached the head of a big race team and let him know that he would be king someday. I'm impressed by his performance and his attitude. He said winning the pole position was better than sex, but maybe he hasn't sampled the supermodels of the formula one circuit yet. He won four times, including Grand Prix races in Canada, Japan and Brasil, and would have won it all if not for a mechanical failure in the last race, ending the season in its closest finish in its 58 year history.

This historic season was barely mentioned in Sports Illustrated's year-end wrap up, but that's the exact reason for an earbender sports personality of the year, it recognizes personality as well as achievement and cultural significance.

Best wishes to Lewis Hamilton for a great career! At age 22, I hope we will get to see him take turns for many more years to come.

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