Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Intense Campaign for "Cloverfield "

One of the prime directives of street teams is to never take down someone else's poster. Today I saw a few that contained intense images, were not hung very high and were in a potentially offensive spot. I was scared, I was pissed, I was intrigued. In other words, a very effective campaign!

They were posters for the film Cloverfield, a JJ Abrams production that opens January 18, 2008. It was a view of the Statue of Liberty with its head blown off, quite reminiscent of the final scene of Planet of the Apes but also New York's real day of terror (see left).

Placed across the street from two major high schools, but also in front of the 100 year old Ladder Company 35 of FDNY, which commemorates 11 of its members who died that horrible day, sure struck me as effective if not insensitive. They probably are tough enough to handle a poster but I wouldn't be surprised if they complained too.

Personally, I didn't take down the posters and here I am being viral about it. El Diablo and I were just talking about one of the classic films of the 70s, The Towering Inferno, which I saw at least five or six times in the theater before seeing it live on 9/11.

I saw the Cloverfield trailer and all I wish Fantastic Four 2 with the Silver Surfer and Galactus had been really scary like that. Jessica Alba and her ticket buying fans ruin those scripts. None of the others are stars. Of the Marvel films, The Punisher might be one of the best because it is the most violent/realistic. The next Spider-Man will have some bad violence if Gwen Stacey gets it like she did in #122, however.

So enjoy Cloverfield! "PG 13 Warning: Violence, Terror and Disturbing Images."

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