Tuesday, December 11, 2007

End of the Year/Beginning of the Year

As previously mentioned, people like lists, so I'm in the process of formulating my best of 2007, picks to click in 2008, the earbender Sports Personality of the Year award and in early 2008, the Rosenfelder Index. I also have to get some kind of Year in Review or highlight reel going.

Winter has finally come climate-wise although I can still see some leaves that hardly turned still on a tree outside my window. What would it take for Bush and Cheney to stop fighting the scientists? I wonder what kind of evidence they would need to see. If you have an opinion, type it in below.

It looks like the Vermont weather has gotten ski season off with a bang and I heard from our friend Chad Reich of KBUT the other day that Crested Butte was "badass." Someday.

A few other ski/snowboard related links you may w
ant to checkout include Okemo's blog where they mention a great event on January 9 to help raise money for various local organizations, Reverb and Ross Powers Foundation with help from members of The Barenaked Ladies, Guster and The Dave Matthews Band.

Earbender has helped with Reverb's Campus Consciousness tour in the past and this sounds like a great event too. January 9 in Vermont is ok w/me as long as there is snow.

I am pleased to announce that "Truly" from earbender client thenewno2's recent ep, was featured in the new Warren Miller film Playground.

"Two musical giants helped revive music at Vail" this past weekend when SnowDaze took over the area. I wonder if President Ford would have loved Ludacris' song "Slap" as much as I do. It really has a John Edwards vibe to it though. It's about economic hardship, in the tradition, and here is the censored version on video.

Following up on a story below, I checked out some of the footage and info about Evel Knievel's funeral from The Montana Standard. I'm very happy he didn't go out out on Wide World of Sports. Thanks for the memories Evel!

On the 70s tip, btw, I hear Led Zep. reunited last night! Being sort of intellectual/analytical about it, I have to say, "who cares"? I think it's exciting for two reasons: one, we get to see new pictures of them, see if they can still play the old music, etc. -- like when the Stones go on tour, it's mostly about nostalgia and repeating an old experience. Today, rock is not the most important genre of music as it was at Zeppelin's peak. The genre is an underdog but a big media event like last night's show can help give some people including the band, hope.

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