Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mitt Romney's a Nappy Headed* Ho

Hats off to the Concord Monitor for writing an incendiary, attention-grabbing editorial of non-endorsement about Mitt Romney.

If you were building a Republican presidential candidate from a kit, imagine what pieces you might use: an athletic build, ramrod posture, Reaganesque hair, a charismatic speaking style and a crisp dark suit. You'd add a beautiful wife and family, a wildly successful business career and just enough executive government experience. You'd pour in some old GOP bromides - spending cuts and lower taxes - plus some new positions for 2008: anti-immigrant rhetoric and a focus on faith.

Add it all up and you get Mitt Romney, a disquieting figure who sure looks like the next president and most surely must be stopped." (Concord Monitor editorial, 12/23/07)

I think James Brown was right, hair and teeth are important for performers.

Who had better hair, Reagan or Romney? I'd say the Gipper, because at least it was a contemporary style for him. A lot of women say John Edwards has good hair, and hopefully he'll get a legitimate shot at the title. I agree with his "Two Americas" rap, but I consider myself a Hillary Clinton supporter. I have voted for her before and she's presently in the lead, so it's hard to get fully on the Edwards bandwagon with Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt when there isn't one (yet).

Do we know anyone who roots for Mitt Romney? The Red Sox made him their Governor, I know that much.

* - compared to "Dutch" Reagan that is.

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