Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome to the A.L. Dontrelle

Exciting news from my friend Hugh Surratt tonight, who informed me that the Detroit Tigers had acquired the highly coveted Miguel Cabrera, and a possibly vastly undervalued Dontrelle Willis (one of my favorite players). Cabrera's talents are well-documented, and Dontrelle has slipped over the past year or two but has also had many moments of greatness, such as his 2 homer game against the Mets.

If the AL is still more curve ball oriented, he could easily have a resurgence and be a force on the mound again. I'm pretty sure it will happen. He will also benefit from being different from most of the other pitchers style-wise, which is rough on hitters over a series. What about the saying that you never trade a lefty under 30? Dontrelle should have many good years left and I wish him and Cabrera the best in the American League. Hopefully I'll get out there to see a game this year. Obviously, those tickets have become harder to get in the past few years!

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